In my life the beatles

In my life the beatles

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The description of the accident in “A Day in the Life” is not a literal description of Browne’s fatal accident. Lennon said, “I didn’t copy the accident, Tara didn’t smash her head in, but that was in my mind when I was writing that verse. The details of the accident in the song – not having seen the traffic lights and the crowd around – were equally part of the fiction.”[5] George Martin, meanwhile, has written that while writing the lyrics, Lennon imagined a fictitious politician who had stopped at a traffic light.[6] In the third stanza, the lyrics are written by Lennon.

In the third stanza the lyrics read “I saw a film today…. The English Army had just won the war… But I just have to look, having read de book, ” (“I saw a film today…. The English Army had just won the war…. But I just had to look. Having read the book, I love to turn around.”) Lennon had just acted in the film How I Won the War, released on October 18, 1967.[7] Lennon’s film was released on October 18, 1967.

George Martin has said that the allusion to smoking (“have a smoke”), in the middle part written by Paul, is “definitely a reference to marijuana”,[10] in the same way as the closing line written by John, “I’d love to turn you on.”[6] The closing phrase written by John, “I’d love to turn you on.”[6]

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“In My Life” es una canción del grupo de rock inglés The Beatles. Apareció en su álbum Rubber Soul de 1965. Su letra fue escrita principalmente por John Lennon, acreditado a Lennon-McCartney. George Martin contribuyó con el solo de piano del puente.

En 2000, Mojo nombró “In My Life” la mejor canción de todos los tiempos. Rolling Stone la situó en el número 23 de su lista de 2004 de “Las 500 mejores canciones de todos los tiempos”, y en el número 98 de la lista revisada de 2021, así como en el quinto puesto de su lista de las “100 mejores canciones” de los Beatles.

En una entrevista de 1980, Lennon se refirió a esta canción como su “primera obra realmente importante” porque era la primera vez que escribía sobre su propia vida[3]. Según Lennon, el origen de la canción se remonta al comentario del periodista inglés Kenneth Allsop de que Lennon debería escribir canciones sobre su infancia[4]. Posteriormente, Lennon escribió una canción en forma de un largo poema recordando aquellos años. La letra original se basaba en una ruta de autobús que solía tomar en Liverpool, nombrando varios lugares vistos por el camino, como Penny Lane y Strawberry Field[5][6].

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“In My Life” is a song by the British musical group The Beatles. It is included on their sixth studio album, Rubber Soul, which was released on December 3, 1965. It was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who later disagreed on the extent of their respective contributions to the song. It ranks 23rd on Rolling Stone’s list of “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time” and was voted the best song ever on Mojo magazine’s tally of “The 100 Greatest Songs of All Time.” It is also ranked second on CBC’s list of the best songs. The album was produced for the EMI label by George Martin.

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It occurred to one of its members, Stuart Sutcliffe, originally the band’s bassist, that he wanted the name to have a double meaning. They started from the word beetle and changed an “e” for an “a”, to allude to their ‘rhythm’ (which translates as beat). Apparently, the idea was inspired by one of Stuart’s favorite bands, “The Crickets”, who had sought a name with a double meaning, since cricket is an English word that alludes simultaneously to a popular British game and to a noisy insect, the cricket.