Canciones muy romanticas para dedicar a un hombre

Canciones muy romanticas para dedicar a un hombre

Corridos romanticos list

We could not miss the magic and charm of our Colombian singers. From Fonseca to Vives to Shakira, you will find songs that speak of this feeling and what it awakens in each one of us, making us vibrate with each melody and syllable intoned.

The singers and songwriters of the world never cease to give us songs with wonderful lyrics to move the love of your life. Here we select some hits in English with messages to give your partner goosebumps.

Get out of the routine! These are the places where you should make love at least once in your life. Remember how important it is to look for plans that break the tradition, and more when it comes to unleash the passion.

Estoy enamorado original author

A song that is part of Viviendo Deprisa, his second album but his first studio album. A song that talks about how love has no age and how such a strong feeling can convince you that everything is possible.

If you thought that defining love is something impossible, Alejandro Sanz did it in the most successful way possible in this composition within his album 3 where you can also find other great creations of the singer-songwriter such as ¿Lo Ves? Mi Soledad Y Yo or Ese Que Me Dio La Vida: “Y es la fuerza que te lleva / Que te empuja y que te llena / Que te arrastra y que te acerca a Dios / Es un sentimiento casi una obsesión / Si la fuerza es del corazón / Es algo que te lía la descarga de energía / Que te va quitando la razón / Te hace tropezar, te crea confusión / Seguro que es la fuerza del corazón”.

The song that gives title to the album with which he welcomed the new millennium, one of the most melodic of his career. The videoclip features Santiago Segura, Miguel Bosé, Gabino Diego and José Coronado.

I am in love

There are straightforward people who don’t mess around and can reveal their feelings with ease. However, if you don’t know how to declare yourself and you feel the need to do it, try confessing it with a song.

We all have had or have a crush, a little person who drives us crazy and often end up being your partner or just your platonic love. Here we leave you a list of songs that can be useful to dedicate to that person who has invaded your heart.

If you see that there is a possibility with that person, dedicate this song by Mexican Julieta Venegas (Yes, 2003) to take the first step. “There’s so much I want to tell you/ There’s so much I want to know about you/ Now we can start little by little/ Tell me, what brings you here”. Maybe you’ll get more than one date….