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It occurred to one of its members, Stuart Sutcliffe, originally the group’s bassist, that he wanted the name to have a double meaning. They started from the word beetle and changed an “e” for an “a”, so that it would allude to their ‘rhythm’ (which translates as beat). Apparently, the idea was inspired by one of Stuart’s favorite bands, “The Crickets”, who had sought a name with a double meaning, since cricket is an English word that alludes simultaneously to a popular British game and to a noisy insect, the cricket.

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Paul McCartney’s ballad that has been hummed millions of times and is considered a symbol of Beatlemania has been one of the best songs of all times for more than half a century.

Released on August 26 in the United States and four days later in the United Kingdom, the song’s story is closely linked to John Lennon’s personal life. The song, originally titled Hey Jules, was composed to comfort Lennon’s son Julian after his parents’ divorce.

When McCartney showed the song to John Lennon, Lennon thought it was partly dedicated to him and Yoko Ono, with whom he was beginning his relationship. The song not only won over John Lennon, but also won the support of all the members of the group, who began recording the song on July 29, 1968.

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Let It Be is one of the most famous ballads of the band The Beatles, released in 1970 in the album of the same name. Written by Paul McCartney and composed with the participation of John Lennon, at first glance it seems to address a religious theme, but in reality it is an episode of Paul’s life. Its message, however, has been inspiring the world for some decades.

Translation and analysis of the lyricsThe feature of the song that most quickly captures the listener’s attention is repetition. The structure of the song suggests that it may have arisen from a moment of inspiration and emotion, in which the lyrical subject needs to reproduce and repeat aloud an idea or thought.

The advice is to learn to let go, to be patient, to remain calm in the face of all that disturbs. Faced with circumstances that hurt or are beyond our control, the subject recalls the mother’s advice, trying to convince and calm himself.

The translation offers some possibilities of interpretation. In the original lyrics, “parted” may be an allusion to people who are separated, isolated or who, like the subject, are mourning someone who has left.

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Manchester CityPremier LeagueFA CupLa rivalidad entre Manchester y Liverpool, la cuna de los Beatles, no ha impedido a los Citizens adoptar el éxito como himno para sus aficionadosA los seguidores del Manchester City se les puede oír cantar el clásico de los Beatles “Hey Jude” para celebrar los logros de su equipo, y los partidos en casa en el Etihad Stadium se caracterizan por la melodía que suena en la megafonía antes del saque inicial.

Manchester, por supuesto, tiene una rica historia musical, ya que Liam y Noel Gallagher, de Oasis, son fervientes seguidores del club. Como tal, ‘Wonderwall’ ha sido adoptado como un himno del equipo, en particular cantado por los jugadores en el vestuario en la celebración de su éxito en la Premier League 2018-19, un clip que se hizo viral en todo el mundo.

La elección de Hey Jude, sin embargo, se remonta a 1968, que fue el año en que el City ganó su segundo título de la liga inglesa. Sería la última vez que fueron reyes de Inglaterra antes de que el Abu Dhabi United Group tomara las riendas en 2008 y los llevara al éxito cuatro años después.